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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Progress Chart

I love a good reward system! Especially if it encourages one of my kids to do something they may struggle with. Sixth grade math has really challenged Julia. In our curriculum they offered a reward chart for encouragement. It was actually meant for smaller children but we modified it according to age. It is best to begin small and increase the prize. Every day that Julia completes her math in an hour she gets to color one square. When she takes a test and scores 90% or better she gets three squares and every once in awhile I let her do two squares for good attitude. So far she passed the farm ( animal crackers), the train station (stickers), library (new book), school house (pencil set), bank (dollar or lollipop ), grandma's house (bake cookies), fish pond (new goldfish), store (trip to dollar store), zoo (stuffed animal) and FINALLY home which is a tea party with friends! Whew! They have all taken to it but Emerson finished hers first and made up a new one for herself for the rest of the year. Second grade math seems easy for her so next year we will make her chart for book reports as she detests those! Loves to read but doesn't see point in writing about it. I was thinking today wouldn't it be nice for moms to have one! Imagine our prizes: quiet bath, full night of sleep, clean house, warm cup of coffee waiting for us in morning...ahh one can dream can't she?

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