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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Car Wash

Blaise's Aunt Jenny is a preschool teacher. When we visited she showed him some things she had done with her students. His eyes lit up when he saw the soapy water table. I sometimes need reminding that little boys don't always want to sit and practice penmanship and reading. I was really proud of myself when I let him spread the play dough out yesterday all over the floor. This morning I decided it was time to break out the soap and water. He played in it all morning. He washed his cars and counted how many cups it took to fill up a pitcher. It kept him entertained while his sisters worked on their school work. It was unusually quiet at one point and I expected to walk into a flood on floor. To my surprise he had put on my gloves and was wiping down the sink! Hey this is not a bad idea after all! Kudos to Aunt Jenny! Now the shaving cream idea?!? Don't know if I can handle that one!

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