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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Frying Pan

I went into Julia's room this morning to find little bits of scrap paper all over her floor. My immediate response was to toss them in the trash, but I know better. Julia and Emerson are like Tony. Every little thing means something to them. I recall the first year Tony and I were married I was organizing the kitchen. I came across this small old frying pan. At that time news reports were talking about the Teflon and metals coming off in your cooking. Having no idea where the young bachelor had obtained the pan I threw it in a dumpster behind our complex. I mentioned it to my newlywed sweetie what a great job I had done! He looked at me with shock and ran out to the dumpster, dived in and retrieved the fry pan. I stood there in shock. Who had I married? What was wrong with him? He better take a shower before he gets near me. He came walking back in clutching the pan to his breast and looked me in the eyes and said the following "that hurt me! My mother gave me this pan"
I couldn't believe it. Now I am sure it was not a family heirloom, and it had no value. Here is the lesson I learned. I tell this to the kids too...Tony came from a large family and things meant something. Even if it came from a yard sale the idea that his mom had given it to him was the point. I felt horrible. Now as the years have passed I still throw stuff out, Tony still hoards it... I won't touch his car that is his hiding place for his stuff. I do a monthly sweep in the house though and the girls know that if it isn't put away it will be thrown out. It is about compromise. I have come a long way and I know Tony has too. Just the other day he finally threw out the socks with holes in them! Good job honey! Now about that fry pan, I did end up throwing it out, but not until I made sure it wasn't a family heirloom!

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