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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Package in the Mail

Kids love getting a package in the mail. Especially if it contains their birthday present. My aunt Sharon and Grandma Koppela sent Julia and Blaise their birthday presents yesterday. We came home from the library to two huge boxes sitting on our front porch. They couldn't wait to open them up. Here is the sweet part. Awhile back my aunt had mentioned my gram k. made these no sew blankets and she inquired about what colors and things the kids may like on their blankets. Emerson received a pink one on her birthday and Benedict got a Teddy bear one as a baby gift. Imagine Julia's surprise that someone gave her something that was her favorite colors! Blaise adored the cars and the blue and red made him smile. They quickly curled up on the couches reading books with their cozy new blankets! Just in time as it is going to get colder here soon! Thank you so much to Aunt Sharon, Uncle Tom and Gram Koppela!

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE those blankets...i seriously have made close to 20 of them...they are SO cozy!! :) Happy Birthday Julia and Blaise!