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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Play pals

Although many claim Benedict resembles Blaise and Emerson more in looks I have found that he is a clone of Julia's personality. When Julia was a baby we always said she came into this world alert and ready for a party. To this day she loves a crowd, is a sponge for anything new, and craves stimulation. She is my night owl as well. Lately Benedict has been a bump on a log in the morning but once the sun goes down...watch out! He is laughing, engaging, and mimicking all the sounds we throw his way! He is babbling ma ma ma ma and da da da but I am not sure if he is realizing that is who we are. I am exhausted by 7 pm as Blaise and Emerson have been up since 5 am so I appreciate my Julia bounding in my room at night begging to play with her baby brother. They sit their and play peek a boo and patty cake and I just sit by in a coma like state wondering where these two get their energy from? I love watching my kids interact and bond.

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