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Monday, October 24, 2011

Day in the life of me

Everyone asks me what's it like to homeschool and are you crazy? Well the answer is it is a wonderful, challenging experience that benefits the whole family and yes I am crazy! I am crazy. In between geography and math I have the pleasure of witnessing the little things like my daughter chasing a monarch butterfly or my son learning to read. Of course all parents learn and witness these simple things regardless if they homeschool or not! But Tony and i feel especially lucky to be able to be the ones guiding and teaching our children. My 7 year old is making her first communion this year and has been practicing her act of contrition. I personally had the joy of watching her master it and recite it. I felt her joy at the moment she did it and I realized it is moments like this that I treasure being home with my kids. Now the laundry and cleaning and cooking......that's a whole other thing!

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