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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mission Accomplished

I had this flaw when I was little. If I couldn't do something perfectly I wouldn't attempt it. It kept me from experiencing a lot of neat things growing up. I didn't want the girls to make same mistake so whenever we start something we always finish it. I don't think my family took me seriously when I said I wanted to learn to knit. There was a time issue, a supply issue, and to be frank...I was clueless how to knit. When my mom gave me my first lesson in Friday I had no idea how she would motivate me to finish the project. The girls have watched in awe as my ball of yarn becomes a scarf. They have encouraged me and inspite of the uneven rows of knitting and imperfect result I am so proud of myself that I finished it. Julia asked if she could keep my first project and Emerson has asked when can we go and buy some pink yarn to make her one. I am chuckling inside as I wonder why they seem so excited?!? But then I recall how special I felt when my mom gave me one of her first knitted items. It felt nice to wear something "made with love"

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