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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From Uganda to Shaving Cream?

This is what I love about being homeschooled: one topic or activity can turn into a whole day of learning. Lately, in Social Studies Emerson and I have been learning about Uganda! Yesterday I got a great idea to go on a pretend Safari in the house with Blaise and Emerson. We researched native animals of Uganda and hid our stuffed animals all over the house. Then using binoculars we played hide and seek! Today my sister wrote in her journal all about elephants and facts she learned from her Almanac. This led to painting pictures with shaving cream! We added food coloring to my dad's shaving cream (Gillette) and Emerson painted a mural of an elephant. Benedict wants to do everything we do in school so we made him a poster and added safari animals on it! We hung it by the kitchen and mom is teaching him to say: lion, zebra, elephant and giraffe! He loves the giraffe! Some days I wonder what other kids are doing in school but I love how we do our work at home. I only wish Math could be more fun... I heard something about equivalent fractions and elephants?!? But I'm not buying it!

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