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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Branching Out...

The one quality I love about my daughter is her persistence... The one quality I struggle with is HER PERSISTENCE! I know it will help her in the future.. But now it is a force to be reckoned with! That said, my Julia.. The future writer, vet, artist and now blogger, branched off into her own blog. She is almost 11! That was told to me time and time again! I asked her to take over the family blog but it just wasn't the same for her! She is passionate about critters.. Not the mundane tasks of a homeschooling life which is how she put it to me!
I laughed and chuckled at her drama and then I paused...how can I turn this into a learning moment?!?
The kid wants to write and so what if it is just about furry critters, some slimy creepy ones too I bet!
So, I don't know where the family blog is headed but allow me to introduce you to: Naturegirlscrittercorner .blogspot.com
If you can't find it let me know.. Actually let Julia know lol she is the techno wizard around here! Ha ha

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