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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who Said a Boy Cannot have a Fairy Garden?

This one is for all the little boys out there that believe in fairies! In the beginning of Spring my Julia created a hidden fairy garden for herself. It took off in spades and Emerson decided she wanted one too! Tony graciously donated a flower bed to the cause and she planted purple and pink petunias and fairy accessories. Well every day the girls seek treasures and proof that the fairies are liking their homesteads. Today, Blaise expressed to me why he couldn't have one...well I said... I suppose you can if you want to.. Oh boy did that open a can of worms! The sisters, as I call them when I am most disappointed, ranted and raved that boys know next to nothing about fairies and why should I allow him to copy. I gently explained the yard was certainly big enough for more fairies and I found a spot in the front of the yard. Here's the kicker...my little Blaise, the engineer has created such an enchanting garden that his sisters are now jealous. He constructed a bridge, a pool, a house and a path. He even made a little flag and "borrowed" a bell to hang from the bush. He informed me that no fairy will come with out a bell. He worked on it all day and proudly told me that he intends upon opening up the garden to frogs, slugs and turtles too! Guess that's how fairies get around these days! I am no expert but if I were a fairy I would set up shot in Blaise's garden any day!

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