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Friday, June 15, 2012


Watch Out! I am getting up on my soap box... Whoa! Big step up! Ok here goes.... I had a great moment today with a Godly woman! Yup, we do exist! A supportive, encouraging, motivating beautiful mama of four little ones. She is sweet, kind and super duper intelligent, but I digress. Here is my soap box moment... If there is anything I want to teach my girls it is this: not to fall prey to caddy behavior, gossip or breaking people down! Nope, girls, women we need to be building each other up thru our struggles, hardships and just plain old life in general! We need to be loving and uplifting and encouraging to our peers. Remember the old commandment we forget: do unto others...! That's what I hope and pray I can teach my youngsters so that some day they can be as blessed by someone as I was today! Actions speak louder than words so smile ladies and girls, hug each other...whisper a compliment or tell that gal that appears down what an awesome person she is... Imagine how amazing the world would be if as girls and women we complimented first before criticizing....whoa! Lightbulb moment there folks! My girls like to have a " sister club" where they do sisterly things, I hope to teach them to expand the club to all girls, hey it only takes one to start a chain reaction! I love you my friend, you know who you are and I am so grateful for how you lifted me up today and made me feel not so alone in this epic life of motherhood. Ok jumping off the soap box now.

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