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Friday, June 8, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

Went to rally today! Then to hospital to say goodbye to my grandma!
It was hard for me to see her with the tubing and machine...she did have her lipstick and rouge on in true Elizabeth Schueler style but it pained me to know that our time was ending! She smiled and laughed as best she could with all four of my kids and before I left she looked me straight in the eye and said these words which I shall never forget " you really are a good mother" to which I replied " I learned from the best" she kissed me or I kissed her I don't recall thru my choked up tears and I watched my baby smile, my son rub her hand and my two daughters say goodbye! They know her time is coming soon and I want them to recall grandma as she was today... Feisty, sweet and loving, all the while donning her lipstick and rouge! I know she'd have been proud of us today for standing up for freedom, she did many things for this country while her husband Emerson served in the war!
God Bless You Elizabeth Schueler! I am already aching for when we will be apart, but we will meet again someday!

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