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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Eleven Months Old!

My baby is almost no longer a baby...he is on the verge of toddlerhood and although I cheer at every milestone I also know secretly...is this the LAST time I will get to experience it? Only the Lord knows the answer to that, but I feel complete and joyous at how beautiful and awesome our family is, and little Benedict has added so much joy and contentment to my life. He is repeating quite a bit of words now and very personable with strangers, unlike last month where he cried every time I walked out of room. He has his two upper teeth and all his lower teeth which makes nursing a BLAST let me tell you! But, we will continue as long as he wants, and NO you will not see us on the cover of Time magazine at age of four! He loves his drum which has inspired his first birthday theme and he loves to bust a move any time the radio is on! Any day he will take his first steps as he is already letting go and standing like the leaning tower of Pisa. He adores his siblings more than me sometimes and constantly wants be where they are! He loves the water and has swam in a pool several times with out fear! He is eating better at the table now, but prefers to socialize rather than eat! I have found he is a great party trick in restaurants and at church...hey look what my baby can do! His recent new trick is pointing at everything and going "huh" like he is wondering what it is...
He does not like socks, shoes, or hats now so this is a first for me. I have left a trail of accessories all over the state of Michigan. He loves his books, eats them, turns them over, drools on them, tears them and throws them! Blaise learned the hard way and has lost a few to Tornado Benedict!
My favorite time of day is in the evening rocking him in red rocker on front porch all by myself...just my baby and I! Eleven Months...:( where is the time going?

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