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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Perspective

Now that school is done I am noticing I feel more relaxed about things. The rush rush of the morning to get to the school table doesn't weigh heavy on my mind. I am finding a tiny bit more time to breathe and let things slide. I noticed my prayer time is more reflective and meaningful. I am wondering how to carry this over to next year. I mentioned to Julia that I felt a bit less stressed and she commented that she noticed it as well. That didn't make me feel good at all. Did my angst and worry become so obvious that the kids were affected by it? I was beginning to worry about how much I am worrying...lol! So I have taken to walking. A long time a go a friend had told me how she STOMPS out her problems when she walks. She ponders the issue for a moment than offers it up and smashes it with her foot. That is it, she gives it no more thought and lets God handle it. So at night Julia, Benedict and myself have been walking and "smashing" our worries. Julia has no clue the therapy I am giving myself, to her she is getting special time with Mom. I am coming home a bit refreshed and with a new perspective on life.

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