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Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy 40th Birthday Tony!

31. You're the kind of son most parents wish for, but only some are lucky to have!
32. Your sisters often mentioned to me how funny and silly you were growing up.
33. They dubbed you Mr. Sneak in high school for a reason.
34. You have embraced reach new child into our family with love and excitement, treating them as if they were first!
35. You created movie night and game night during football season and didn't mind missing a few live games.
36. Your customers love you and when some have passed you have attended as many of their funerals as possible.
37. You are my best friend even when I am not so friendly!
38. You never minded giving up your Sundays to drive so I could go visit Grandma.
39. You are more handsome at 40 than you were at 24!!!
40!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew we made it and I could keep going on and on....
I love you Tony
We love you Daddy!
Love Julia, Emerson, Blaise and Benedict
Happy happy Birthday!!!

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