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Sunday, April 22, 2012


I feel odd talking about this, as I am not one that likes blabbing about material things. The kids were insistent that I document this only because it shows a true sense of selflessness on Tony's part. He really surprised me Sunday in a way that shocked my socks off! Most that follow this blog know that Tony and I don't really do big gifts for each other. We focus on the kids and come to a mutual agreement on things we need for the home or family. He occasionally surprises me with flowers or a special candy treat and that is sufficient for me. Today was different in a truly unforgettable way. I have really enjoyed my blogging, Facebook and tweets! I have not minded doing it via my phone and I don't label myself an expert it is merely a hobby. The thought of doing it from an iPad was a dream. Today that dream became a reality. Tony surprised me and gave me an iPad so that I could use it as a teaching tool and as a form of entertainment. I don't like indulging myself like this and it was awkward at first, ok it was awkward for a second and then I cried and then I gleefully began to think about all the ways I can use this device. I am really thankful that Tony did this for me. Ok enough about me I feel like I am bragging and I don't like to do that. Anyways, thank you to my hubby!

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