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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebration Cake

Yesterday was like a twilight zone experience...it began as any other normal day...Tony preparing to power wash deck...he rents a 300 lb commercial size one which he discovers will NOT work..being on a time constraint he rushes in vain to get the thing working so he can stay within his four hour time frame. Three hours later still no luck.. We decide to take it back...alas how does one lift a 300lb washer when all neighbors are gone for day?!? He decides to go to Home Depot to get a board to build a ramp to push said washer into van...as he attempts to move it he clips his Achilles heel and falls in driveway in vain..
It gets better trust me. He attempts to leave our battery in van is dead as he left doors open entire time to work on power washer. He rushes up to store in his car only to realize he left his wallet at home...rushes back home with ramp to put washer back in van...while pushing it I find out pigeons are building a nest in our garage. I'm shooing them out and Tony is quickly putting washer in van... Only few more minutes and he runs out of time!
He did manage to get washer to store in nick of time to which they informed him it was a broken unit! Are you joking me?!? In meantime we managed to get both cars up and functioning and make a cake! A celebration cake really that we survived this wacky weird day! We all sat around table laughing afterwards at chaos and how one thing led to another... Oh and Julia said blame it on the birds. They didn't want their nest under the deck disturbed!

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