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Friday, March 30, 2012

When it rains it pours...

Cold, wet, rainy, and damp! Hail or Sleet not sure what to call it! That describes the actual weather I have witnessed in last few hours. Figuratively speaking it has been one of those days! Woke up to another dead battery! Yes again! On my way out door everyone ready to go and no way to get there. A friend tried to help me jumpstart it but it was no use! Ever see two blondes and six kids try to charge a battery? It was fun while it lasted and I say that sarcastically. I was in despair for about a minute and then got myself busy. Which isn't hard to do.. made some popcorn for the kids, cut up some strawberries for the shortcake tonight, and got the house in order for this weekend. It does look dreary and dismal out there but according to the kids this weather makes for great puddle jumping and worm searching. Hey who knew?!?

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