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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Game Day

Awhile back Tony and I started this tradition with the kids where we have a game night. We drag out the board games, deck of cards, puzzles and after dinner we sit around playing and snacking until way past a proper bedtime. We have been doing it sporadically since Julia was old enough to play candy land and now with the age differences in our house the range of games varies. Today we have a surprise for the kids! One new game for each of them! Now I usually try to prepare finger foods and snacks that are unique to the theme of the games...these three games have got me stumped....good thing I have all day to ponder this one! What I love best about game time is watching all their little personalities come out.. Emerson is the shark! Watch out she is in it to win it! Much like her dad who never believed in letting the kids win on purpose. Blaise is learning the finer points of sportsmanship and taking turns and Julia is much like me, non competitive and more interested in chatter than strategy. We always make the kids shake each others hands and congratulate the winner, daddy still needs help in that one...especially when he loses to Emerson in chutes and ladders!
Regardless, it is a lot of fun for all. I make one rule and we stick to it: all phones off, only positive talk!
Happy Gaming!

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