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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Visit

I had wanted to go buy some make up today... It is something I desperately needed to do. Something was telling me I needed to go see my grandma. I was happy to make the last minute plans with my parents and we went together. Once again I have realized everything happens for a reason. Sometimes I find myself complaining about petty things.... Dirty dishes, messy floors, someone leaving a light on.. Oh poor me! I get tired and frustrated and downright grumpy... Today my grandmother taught me a life lesson. Here I thought I was doing the good deed of visiting her when she ended up teaching me a thing or two!
My grandmother had a fall a few weeks ago and I was shocked at how swollen her hand was and how painful it appeared and yet not a whine or complaint...she complimented my mother on her outfit and kept doting on the boys. I looked around her place and realized she did not have fancy art work up but a mish mash of framed pictures of her family. She also pulled out coloring pages that my kids had mailed her to display them so as not to hurt their feelings. Funny, I thought I was going to perform this monumental act of visiting her and somehow she taught me more today than I expected. When we left my mom said she always stops at end of hallway and waves goodbye to her, we all stopped and waved and I looked down and saw a very content woman happy to have had her family visit.

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  1. It made me so happy to read this! I really wish I had the chance to see her more.