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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rough Night

Ever pull an all nighter...?oh sure back in the day when we had no kids an all nighter was no biggie. Tony had to pull one last night. Poor guy had to stay at his office all night long while new computers were installed. So after working a full day and picking the girls up from church he came home long enough to eat dinner and go back to work. He was there until 6am. He came home exhausted! Yet, he had to shower and go right back at it. No, he can't take the day off or order someone else to do it. The buck stops with Tony shall I say. He will work another 8 hours and then come home and collapse for sure! Back in the day this would have been no big deal, but my spring chick is almost reaching a milestone in birthdays and I think the all nighter did not agree well with him! Please pray for Tony today that he can make it thru today and safely drive home. As a reminder: Banker's hours no longer exist!

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