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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Park Day

Today is Lily's birthday/adoption celebration. Rabbits have birthdays too! It also happens to be gorgeous and a Wednesday! All good reasons to plan a park day! Emerson wanted to invite a friend and make a day of it! Lily requested Mac and Cheese for dinner and ice cream sundaes...she has an advanced palate for a rabbit. She will be surprising the guests with Bunny bucks ( chocolate bars in shape of a dollar) and a balloon game! I am excited as this will be Benedicts first time at our local park.... I have recollections of taking each baby here for the last 9 years and now I get to take him. I wonder will he like the slide? Swing? Or monkey bars best? Will he be overwhelmed like Blaise was or a go getter and social butterfly like Julia. Time will tell that of course. For now he is satisfied to sit and watch and take it all in!

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