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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easter Decor

Today is the day! I have been putting off dragging out my spring decor for two reasons: we are still observing Lent and I have an issue with a Robin! Last Spring this crazy Robin showed up and perched himself on our front porch... He would tap at our front window, defecate on my wreath and all over the mirrors on the cars in the driveway. This went on the entire spring until he/she found s mate and built a nest. I was relieved to be done with him! Well who should reappear tapping away but psych robin! The neighbors and I noticed He's Back! I have tried everything from pictures of owls, dogs, noisemakers! You name it but nothing scares this bird away! I had to throw out a lot of my cute spring decor that he "marked" so this year I just wasn't in the mood to decorate. Well the kids are getting antsy... They want to see the door wreath as it signifies school is almost done and summer is here! They love helping put up the little decorations so I decided bird or no bird we will do it! Even tho we don't celebrate the Easter bunny aspect I have quite a bit of Easter decor to put inside the house... So we are rushing to get to school so we can get it done and then decorate. I see the "stalker" hanging around my front porch already but I have a new plan this year, It involves a hose and a 4 year old looking for something to do... You fill in the blanks!

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