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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hunters Bag

Julia finished up her studies of the Civil War. We had so much fun we decided to travel back in time and learn about the American Revolution. Her first assignment was to make a replica of a hunters bag. Boys of a certain age were given one by their mothers when they were old enough to hunt and provide for their family. It was a precursor for fighting in the revolution as well. If mother gave you a hunters bag be prepared to defend your political views. Julia certainly has no war to fight and Tony has never touched a firearm so she decided to put her bag to use by keeping her cell phone and camera in it. These are her weapons of choice! I want to add she had to make the pattern out of newspaper and hand sew the entire bag. She could only choose brown felt, chamois, or leather as that is what they used back then. She has decided to make a pink one for Emerson and a tie-dye one for herself in future.

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