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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eight is Great!

Eight Months old Today!
I know time is flying by when I am telling complete strangers that Benedict is six months old and the kids are correcting me telling them he is almost eight months! Somewhere I lost some time! So here are the updates: he has tried every veggie and fruit he is allowed too and loves them! He still has to avoid the cereals due to tummy troubles but does well on dry bagel and toast...he is clapping, crawling, standing up against an edge or rail, and getting into hilarious predicaments. He has said ma ma so many times I am officially declaring it his first word and Bu Bu is pretty close to bye bye so I accept it as well! He loves to put anything and everything in his mouth which really freaks me out and at times I find I have this desire to rinse his mouth out with bleach... Which I don't so please no emails about travesty of bleach! He is jovial and curious but still walks on serious side at times. Many have called him a mommas boy but I recall people saying that about Blaise, who asks me a million times a day, when is daddy coming home. My sister in law gave me a fabulous tip about foam and his car seat so our travels are much easier and no crying so far! He seems happier riding along and babbling away to his sidekicks! One of his most favorite past times is playing in water! He is my super splashed... I mean face first blow bubbles throw up the water and laugh hysterically super splasher. This is a first for me as the others were content in the tub but not maniacs like this guy. I have considered a life jacket for him at times he is trying to climb out of his tub and go head first into the two inches of water I have put in for him. I explained to Blaise we are practicing conservation of water as he wonders why he has so little water in his side of the tub now. Alright enough gushing, eight is truly great so far and every day is a new discovery!

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