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Friday, February 3, 2012

St Blaise Feast Day

Well the family just got back from celebrating Blaise's feast day. We went to a children's mass and holy hour in honor of St. Blaise. Blaise and Tony said the rosary together and we all got our throats blessed even baby Benedict. It was a great time and I loved kicking off the weekend this way! If one ever feels far away from God you need only to sit by a child and listen to them pray. If you can't sense God in that then I am not sure where you will sense Him.... Father spoke tonight about the President and his "decisions" regarding health care and a woman's choice... I won't get going on that one...you need only to look at my bumper sticker on old Bessy to see how I feel! All in all we celebrated Blaise's feast day just how he wanted although he gets his special cake tomorrow!

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