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Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Confession

This morning at 11 am Emerson will make her first confession at St. Augustine church. I have been preparing her for it for awhile now by sharing with her my own first confession experience. It has been really special for me sharing these firsts with my children thru their eyes as I did not come into the faith until I was an adult. I am what they call a convert. Not to toot my own horn but many of my mommy homeschool friends are converts and we seem to take these moments in our kids lives VERY seriously for we missed out on them as children. Emerson has memorized her act of contrition and written down her sins on nine pieces of paper. I laughed heartily when we went thru them as I explained to her not liking my cooking or not enjoying reading a certain book was not a sin! Her innocence and passion for a just heart refueled my own conscience and so as a family we will all go to confession today and not fearfully participate but joyfully celebrate that God is loving and kind and VERY forgiving! I love the feeling of a clear conscience....

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