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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hallmark Holiday

Valentines Day is my favorite hallmark holiday. My favorite color has always been red and I love making paper hearts and cards with the kids. It wasn't until a few years ago that Julia and I researched who St. Valentine really was. Yes, Virginia there is a St. Valentine. So, for the next two weeks we are focusing on love. Love comes in all shapes and sizes....there is the deep love from God that is unconditional and then the sweet baby love from Benedict and the constant strong love between Tony and I. I have a mother/daughter love and a mother/son love. I think when you have to gush a lot about it you are trying to convince yourself that love actually exists in spots where it is nonexistent. Instead I want to focus on some "small" acts of love that may normally go unnoticed. My first proclamation of love on February 1 is this: I love looking into my baby boy's eyes and feeling like I am the greatest person in the whole world he has ever laid eyes on!

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