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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Agh! Nobody likes going to the dentist. Especially me! Not because if fear but logistics. Awhile back I developed pain in my wisdom tooth and I knew it meant something was arise. I put off going just due to the fact that finding someone to come and watch the kids, and work around school was a hassle! Well the pain became unbearable and so today the girls are loading up their backpacks, Blaise is filling a bag of legos and Benedict and I had a long chat that morning naps at the dental office are now the latest trend. Am I nervous? Not so much about what the dentist will say, but the mere fact that I will be sitting in a vulnerable position. It is times like this I really find myself praying and reminding myself that in the grand scheme of life this is a mere moment. On a positive note Old Bessy is back from shop and is running like a top. God is good and always provides peace of mind...even at the dentist.

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