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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday drama

I am running late today in my blogging due to typical chaos and drama! Oh where to begin? Well let's start off with positive first...today is kits doll party, which means all her doll friends arrived and are in midst of crafts, playing, doing doll like stuff! The girls are having fun too! Blaise is not! Lately he has been how shall I put it?!? Testing his limits...well I can't blame the kid he is shuffled from activity to activity all specifically for his two sisters and then we arrive and what is the first thing people want to do? Hold the baby and coo at the baby! He isn't jealous of baby but I think he is a little OVER the girl stuff! To top it all off he had high hopes of sleeping in his brand new room this weekend when we discovered that someone stoled his bunk bed delivery! Ok let me explain for I know someday I will find this funny! They supposedly delivered the shipment to our house yesterday and someone by a different name signed for it! Delivery guy swears it was our house! I was home when supposedly this transpired and I doubt if I would overlook a hundred pound box! Sense my sarcasm!
Anyways we have to wait a certain time to allow them to investigate our claims. Meanwhile I have visions of someone named bubba resting easy on our bunk bed! Sweet dreams huh?
Instead of wallowing in doom and gloom I am trying to get his mind off of the missing bunk beds and give him a day of Friday fun.....I will let you know how that goes, in meantime Bubba, kindly return the box as my son needs a bed to sleep in! Thank you!

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