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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Positive Thoughts

Good Morning 2012!
The slumber party lasted well past midnight but everyone had a good time! Since one of my new resolutions is to focus on positive and avoid all negative I am going to delicately explain my night. This is first year I stayed up way into early morning. Seems a little head cold sprang upon me and I couldn't sleep. When I finally woke up I noticed Tony must have wanted me to try out my new pretty dish gloves as the girls had left egg nog filled cups all over the house and party food on countertops. I hope all that moving around helped my snuffy nose as it sent me into a coughing fit which woke up the sleeping beauties. No bother as we have a 10:30 mass to make! Maybe focusing on the positive will be easier in 2012, but just in case I have a back up plan! How can you not look at this face and not smile?!?

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