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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Over the hills and thru the woods...

To Aunt and Uncle's house we go!
This has been the song in our heads this morning. The kids are so excited to visit Tony's sister a couple of hours away. Few months back it became apparent to Tony and I that their was more to life than work and more work. He was so involved with the bank and I with the kids we became enclosed in a bubble and lost sight of the big picture. Tony comes from a really large family. Our kids were starting to ask questions and it became a mission for 2012! Little do those Taratuta sisters and brothers know but we are going to make a concentrated effort to see ALL of them this year! Jenny and Jeff were one of the closest and the girls really wanted to meet the cousins. So off we go today and hopefully begin a tradition of getting together more with Tony's family. A little less work and a little more family fun makes for a happy family!

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