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Monday, December 26, 2011


Although within our faith we celebrate up until the epiphany which is after January 1, from the time I was little the day after Christmas is when the decorations are taken down and put away. This is one thing I have held onto out of convenience. I don't always have help putting everything away but thanks to a banking holiday Tony is home for one more day! We started early in the morning in hopes of having our afternoon free. I am still in midst of ornaments and three trees that need to come down but I noticed one small thing...call it a gem that I am tickled to death about! I inherited all of my grandmas ornaments from her tree before she was moved and one of them appears to be from Florence, Italy. It is a bulb with a picture of the Madonna on it. I never noticed it before as the kids helped put up all her ornaments. I dread putting it all away but I do like having the house back in order before the New Year. By the way I am already talking to the kids about 2012 and some new resolutions and the excitement is brewing! Stay tuned!

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