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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

Every year I do something with the kids before thanksgiving dinner. It is called the talking spoon. We all pass around a little spoon and say something nice about person next to us or we say what we are thankful for! This is a tradition we started with kids and I plan on keeping the "talking" spoon and passing it down to them! Tradition is important to our family. Tony and I both feel the importance of starting these types of traditions to keep the family united. Today I noticed all the Christmas decorations in the stores and all the glitz and glammer of the season. What about Thanksgiving the girls asked? Isn't it more important to be thankful then to be worried about what you are wanting for Christmas? I was proud that they noticed the oversight of Thanksgiving. Even as a vegetarian I look forward to Thanksgiving, sitting with my family and expressing my gratitude for how much they mean to me!

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