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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hamster Sitter Wanted

Julia is off to her Nana's house for the weekend. She is thrilled. I am happy for her but was informed that I would be taking over all duties in regards to Peanut "Charlotte " her hamster! I am thankful for Gods creation of animals just not when I have to touch them! Most everyone knows Julia is an animal lover and she truly pampers her pets! She left me detailed instructions on her hamster's feeding schedule, sleeping arrangements and playtime. This is one pampered pet let me tell you! Now I don't mind caring for her bunny as Daisy is a big ball of lovable fluff, but this small little "rodent" resembles the very reason why I fear walking in my garage right now! It appears like a vicious rat ready to strike at any moment! Thank Goodness for pot holders for that is only way I am picking up her little peanut! Which brings me to my next thought...what does one pay a hamster sitter?!?

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