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Friday, November 18, 2011

End of day

I am thankful that today is done! Ha ha! I know next year I will look back on this blog and laugh hysterically but today I just sigh and say thank goodness it is done! Let me vent for a moment: today was "supposed" to be an easy day! Julia was at nana's house, school was done and my two little hooligans known as Bonnie and Clyde were excited about going to McDonalds for a shake today! I never ever go to McDonalds and now I know why! Here's the lowdown we got our shakes and peppermint mocha (I couldn't resist) and I let Bonnie and Clyde talk me into sitting in play area. I never go to these places as it is a breeding ground for the bubonic plague! But I figured we could sit and watch everyone else get germy and then leave! I let my common sense take a nap and next thing I knew Bonnie and Clyde were at top of play structure. Here's where it all goes sour! Clyde is afraid of heights and Bonnie knows this so she scurries away leaving Clyde in a phobic tailspin! His blood curdling screams brought swarms of McD's employees running to my aide. They imagined a fire transpired or a broken arm. Concerned mothers came running to offer aide or support, all because Clyde would not go down the slide and Bonnie refused to help! I had to leave my sweet sleeping baby in arms of some strange woman while I climbed up play structure to rescue Clyde! I calmly asked Bonnie to come down as we were leaving. She coyly and sweetly looked me straight in face and said "no I am NOT leaving!" where I very sweetly said "well I am!" by then the strange lady holding my now screaming baby passed him back to me and he looked at me like I had abandoned him. I walked out of there like a cat on fire and was stopped by a man that reminded me my 7 year old was still refusing to come. I wanted to yell "call a cab" but that would have been mean since she had no money to pay for one. So I kept walking praying she would not call my bluff! I am happy to say all the children made it home safely and after a time out and a little donation of a toy to our St. Vincent pile I am feeling better. Now excuse me while I go bathe my children in some germ-x so we don't catch the bubonic plague or something. Thank Goodness today is done!
P.s. The McDonalds employees recommend we don't come back for awhile until Clyde gets over his fear of heights!

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