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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Awhile back my mom had given me my grandma's sugar cookie recipe. I have fond memories of taking the kids out to see her weekly and her cookie jar was always full of these sweet treats. Well the kids and I tried in vain to recreate the same taste and we failed miserably. Grandma really can no longer bake those cookies anymore and I wonder if I will ever eat them just like she used to make. The kids are lucky as my other grandma is living as well. Although she is all the way up in Trout Creek she still maintains a relationship via phone, cards, and even skype! I love my grandmothers. My kids love their great grandmothers! No one can cook like them, hug you the right way, listen to your woes, gently encourage you, laugh at your jokes, or embrace your dreams like the two of these ladies! They are the glue that has held their families together. I will probably never master that sugar cookie recipe but I will never lose the memory of sitting at your table grandma with a cup of tea and a plate of cookies as I pour my heart out to you.

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