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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Truth Wraps

I never fully understood how the kindness of one stranger could touch and affect so many until today! Yes, it is me again..twice in one day...blogging about my life! Awhile back a girlfriend of mine turned me on to following staceydaze.blogspot.com
and she had a giveaway for truth wraps! They are beautifully made wraps that she lovingly makes and I know contain many of her prayers. Imagine my surprise when I was the lucky winner and thus recipient of one. Here's where I am doubly blessed: she found out I intended upon giving my "truth wrap" to my husband's stepfather in hospice and instead of ONE she sent two of them. A beautiful handsome one for John and a feminine one for me. Yet the blessings keep coming... My oldest daughter recently was given an appliance/retainer to wear, on top of her vitiligo ( skin disease) and now appliance she has been less than eager to be the subject of my blogging or photo ops! In fact she has become sullen! Until the truth wraps arrived and when she read the card provided by Stacey about being brave, well she actually asked me if she could have the second wrap! I know Stacey won't mind as she is all about us girls living bravely in the truth.
I can say I have been "touched by a stranger".


  1. How sweet of her! They look lovely :)

  2. Oh my! I love the way God shows off sometimes. I am SO thrilled that she liked it, and I LOVE her smile. She is beautiful! I'm glad you received them with no problem. :)