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Monday, July 16, 2012

Trail Blazers

For the last three months now kids and I have been checking out the Grand Blanc library once a week. Every week I get asked the SAME question by Blaise: "mommy can we go on that trail?".
It isn't what you would call a paved trail but an overgrown section of weeds in my opinion. Today Tony was home, he wanted to spend a family day with kids before heading back to office. When Blaise mentioned that Mondays we always goto the library and their was a forbidden trail....well Mr. Fun guy was up for the challenge. He printed out the map for each child of the trail and he told them how much his stepdad enjoyed maps and geography. So off we were to the trail. I wanted to sit in van with baby, but something told me to tag along and document the discoveries. Boy was I glad I did! We saw raspberry bushes, fallen trees, a creaky bridge and even Poison Ivy trail! Yes there was a path called that! It was fun sneaking thru the woods and I know I was worried at first about getting bug bites, poison ivy or even lost! But a little voice reminded me of this: "you only live once...live it well!"

1 comment:

  1. I love that top photo! I can feel the adventure of frolicking :)