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Friday, June 22, 2012

Garage Sale

I've been off the grid as the sale has been encompassing me for two days...
Although the girls did most of the work they needed supervising with baking and set up and money handling!
I am glad it is done and Julia made 97.00 after paying me for cost of cookie supplies and signage!
Emerson ran her own lemonade stand and racked up a whopping 67.00 yes we have very generous neighbors and I didn't realize how much she made until end! She definitely pulled the cuteness factor to an extreme. Blaise was not too interested in a sale but his sisters generously spotted him a twenty for some new Legos! All in all it was worth it! Girls learned value of working for their own fun money and I learned that my girls are very hard workers! Thank you to the Koesters for supporting the cause, nana and pops, daddy for donating his clubs and the Sharps for sending entertainment over via the girls! Thanks Tara for the table and mon too! Oh yeah and thanks to the guy that came at very end and slipped a fifty in Emerson's tip jar just cuz he felt like it! She was ecstatic!

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