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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ten Months Old

Ok so here is my mommy confessional, been so wrapped up with my number two girl, completely and totally forgot that my number four boy was turning ten months old today! Literally just looked at calendar and said "oh my he is 10 months old today!"
Normally I try to document any new baby milestones a week before to blog about it and remember... Here's where we are at: he is talking but not in the presence of strangers, he is letting go and standing, he is still detesting the play pen, he will be left alone with a baby sitter for first time this week (nana) while I host a little flower meeting, he loves to copy his brother and sisters ( good, bad, and ugly), he does not like Cheerios ( thought all babies did!) He loves music and singing in a baby song voice, he gives kisses to daddy all the time, and he is quite a personable character once he warms up to you! Ok I think I covered it... Oh and he is the sweetest, cutest little guy in our eyes and a true gift from God! Happy Ten Months!
Note: lately Blaise has requested that he and Benedict wear the same color every day, so today was a green day I guess!

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