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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Who Knew?!?

My mom likes Hawaii Five O.
My cousin in Calif. posted a cool vegetarian food pyramid.
My aunt and uncle in Trout Creek are monitoring the weather.
My sister in law in Chicago bought a new mop. I learned what a chile could be used for in cuisine..and my sister in law in Wisconsin and I finally found a way to connect and stay in touch! This all happened via Facebook, in one day! Now I have always enjoyed my anonymity and privacy, and unlike most don't care to connect with Joe Smith from twenty years ago! But I did find it fascinating the information, random I will admit, gathered in only a few hours! Will I be able to keep up? Probably not! I prefer to have face to face time with someone! But I did love seeing my adorable nephews collage at 9 months old and viewing some old pictures of family I haven't seen in years! And yes I know my profile is skewed and not detailed, but hey have you seen my hubby's? Tito Widget? Check it out and God Bless!

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