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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Highlights

I'm sitting here eating leftovers thinking about what a great weekend it truly was! My parents came over this afternoon and although I forgot to take pics! I can verbalize that we ALL had a blast! My mom brought some yummy taco dip and pin wheel sandwiches and spinach dip and Tony fired up the George Foreman and cooked bacon, sausage and of course all the sweets too! Lemon cupcakes made by my mom and our orange supreme cake with a cross shape on top! My favorite moment was when I was sitting down at dining table and my girls were there and my mom. The boys were watching some sports show and us gals were gabbing about the past! Isn't that what girls do? We gab and talk over things while we eat and clean up and relax. It was truly a nice day and one that I will recall with my girls! "remember the Easter when Nana and Papa came over..."
Enjoy some highlights I may have missed mentioning....

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