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Monday, April 16, 2012

Saying No is saying yes to the Kids

A very spiritual friend of mine has written the most beautiful blog recently. I can not get it out of my mind. The summary of it is basically moms need to not feel guilty about saying "no" to certain things... Paring down is how she called it...but I digress let me start at my own beginning. I have done an injustice to my kids. This year in an effort to work on my social anxiety issues I may have gone overboard "yessing" myself to death. I have agreed to just about everything put in front of me, and although the kids have been kept VERY active and busy I have sent myself into a horrible tailspin where I can't come up for air. Many know my situation and I am pretty much flying solo without any direction. Sure people sweetly offer to help, and although I appreciate it, how does one dump their own mess onto another's lap and walk away to relax?
So as not to plagiarize my dear friend Amanda I will be coming from a place of No! I will say it politely and kindly and please don't hold a grudge or be upset....
The kids are almost done with school and the recital and communion and religious Ed will be done at end of May! We will take a break from art class this summer and 4h will be done by end of July! All the other engagements will be placed on hold until further notice as God is telling me I need to say Yes to my family...we need to sit on the grass and look at clouds, collect bugs, make sand pies and take walks. We need to have more time around the table and less time sitting in the van going from point a to point b!
Instead of rushing thru our prayers to get somewhere on time we need to spend more devotional time in prayer. It is going to be like when you go to a store and the clock on the front door says: out to lunch be back later!
That's me! I am finally saying no to the chaos and yes to the kids!
I always say " I am doing it for them!"
Now I need to put my actions into place!
Thank you Mandi!

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  1. Awww, thanks, Jenn! You are an amazing mom! We all go through those seasons when we try to find balance and figure out this parenting thing.