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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

R. I. P. John Deere

Blaise's tractor has run it's last load! He sadly informed us his beloved tractor wheels are cracked and can no longer take him zooming around the house! No more hauling leaves, unloading mulch or taking the neighbor girls for rides! We looked into a new set of treads but decided against it. I thought Blaise would fall into a tailspin of depression but Toys R Us kindly inserted in Sundays Paper a picture of a beautiful blue monster truck ride on toy. To which he whispered to Daddy " that one is good for big boys like me"


  1. Blaise I will miss the green tractor too but a monster truck sounds cool. Can I have a ride? Love Nana

  2. You may want to consider donating the tractor to charity, as some needy boy might have parents that can afford only the tires, but not the whole tractor. Blaise's trash would be another kid's treasure.

    1. funny you should say that as the tractor was donated to us! I am a monthly contributor to our St Vincent center! Unfortunately the cost of new tires for this toy almost equal the cost of a ride on toy!