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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Purrfect 10

Julia is a t-shirt fanatic...to those who knew her as a baby they may find this funny. For the first three years of her life I only dressed her in dresses. I suppose she became a victim of dress burn out. I am just learning to embrace the notion that God has a great sense of humor. As moms we think we know our kids so well and what is best for them but sometimes they teach us a thing or two...take this t shirt Julia insisted on wearing recently. It's cute and all but I had purposely chose not to wash it for a few weeks in hopes that I would not have to look at it on a daily basis. Recently I discovered it soaking wet laying over the edge of the tub. What happened I exclaimed? Julia replied: you seemed to be getting behind in your laundry so I took it upon myself now that I am 10 to wash it myself, but you will have to wash your own clothes because this was hard work....

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