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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Ok, I say this every month but here we are again! Nine months old today! I can't wrap my head around how quick you grew and how LONG it seemed we had to wait for you to arrive? I am officially calling you my clone baby. You are exactly alike my Julia. Your vocabulary and comprehension is amazing and every day a new " trick" or word comes out! Your siblings are instrumental in teaching you as well. Your favorite thing seems to be attempting to walk or climb! You love going outside now and watch the bikes and kids go by! Your favorite board book is any of the repetitive ones like "five little monkeys" and "five little ducks"!
You are smiley and jovial but have expressed concern when newcomers come by. Here's what you don't like: bananas, diaper changing, and being left alone in your play yard! We discovered you do know how to cry and have been saving it up for nine months! Everyone thinks you look a lot like Emerson did at this age, maybe a bit more chubbier!
Happy Nine Months Old today! Love, Mommy

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