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Friday, March 2, 2012

Bagel Boy

One of the great things about connecting with other mommies with children of the same age is the swapping of ideas. My sister in law lives in Chicago and has a little guy one month older than Benedict. Recently we have been chatting about food options for our babies as their palettes mature! I had recently given Benedict a frozen whole wheat organic bagel to teethe upon as his third tooth is causing him grief...she gave me the great idea of waffles as well and I have that on my list to get. I mentioned to her avocado and her guy, ohh he so cutely gobbled it up! Last night we gave the baby homemade squash, mashed pears and mashed whole wheat pasta...he liked it all! It is always nice to swap ideas with mommies and I appreciate all the advice. She sent me an adorable picture of Steven gobbling up black beans...as a vegan you know that was my favorite picture! I am going to try that next week with Benedict!
Although as I forewarned her...
"beans beans the musical fruit..."
Sorry I had to add that one!

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