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Monday, March 5, 2012


All my little chicks and Rooster are back home and life seems to be back to normal. A few observations I made were how excited the girls were to
see me, how refreshed they seemed, and how relaxed Tony was. In fact he was so relaxed he had to watch the game yesterday after his tiring adventure of shopping, swimming, movie watching and continental breakfasting! Poor thing!
Blaise was ecstatic to have his "Bonnie" back and he and Emerson immediately went into his room where the two little gangsters concocted mischief for future days. Julia turned up hours later after making sure I didn't remove, touch, investigate or redecorate any object in her room! When we all met for dinner there was much chatter about the events of the past two days...I realized I truly missed the noise, the chaos and even the extra laundry and mess... I know someday they will be all gone out of the house and it will just be Tony and I. Time goes by fast this I know so I appreciate these moments where my family is all together chattering and laughing...even big daddy rooster was missed for his bellowing and prancing around and noise! Back to normal! Thank Goodness!

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