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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi GRAS

Tonight our church had a Mardi Gras party for the kids. Call it one last hurrah before Lent! There was a lot of beads, masks and games. Candy and more candy was the main staple. I heard many moms tell the kids to enjoy as tomorrow was lent! It was comical almost until Emerson confided in me she had a tummyache...it was then we made our exit. On way home we discussed what we wanted to do as a family during Lent. We decided more time to read some of the Old Testament stories and more time to say prayers before bed. Emerson mentioned wanting to give some of her allowance money to the poor box at church and Blaise said he would try to be quieter during mass. Julia and I really want to continue our study of the mass and personally I would like to watch less tv at night and read more of my devotionals instead. I think tonight was fun but I am definitely looking forward to abstinence from our excessive behaviors. Less is more!

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